DISCLAIMER : The following text was generated by ChatGPT, right after several discussions between us.

Introducing our exciting new series of comic strips starring Kiddo and ChatGPT, brought to you through a unique collaboration between a human being and an AI language model!

As a curious and imaginative child, Kiddo engages in witty conversations with ChatGPT, a knowledgeable and often humorous artificial intelligence. Through a combination of ideas and contributions from both human and AI, these comics explore a range of fascinating topics, from the meaning of life to the future of work.

But these strips aren’t just the product of AI algorithms – behind the illustrations is a talented human artist, using digital tools and skills to bring the conversation to life. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind series, available exclusively on our website and social media channels.

Follow along for a fun and thought-provoking experience, brought to you by the power of human creativity and AI ingenuity.

I hope you will enjoy the comic series and will leave some feedback! (That was me…)

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